Bright & Carpenter Consulting, Inc.

Since Bright & Carpenter Consulting was formed in 2008, we have represented our clients before legislative and executive branches of government, focusing on business issues, specifically state business taxes, insurance, and human resource issues. We bring a business voice to the Statehouse. We dialogue between all of those impacted by legislative and regulatory changes and work with others to develop sound public policy in your best interests.  
Natalie Bright
Bright has more than eighteen years of experience lobbying on behalf of Kansas business and associations at the state and federal levels.  Her expertise is in lobbying business issues, specifically in the areas of taxation, human resources, insurance, judicial reform and transportation.

Bright has a joint degree in business administration and political science from the University of​ California-Riverside.  She received her law degree from Washburn School of Law in 1998 and began lobbying for the Kansas Chamber of Commerce and Industry during the 1998 Legislative Session.  In 1999, Bright left the Chamber to work as a contract lobbyist.  In 2008, Bright joined her law school classmate, Marlee Carpenter, and opened her current firm. 

Bright is active in a variety of statewide business coalitions and has been part of several reform efforts including recent workers’ compensation, immigration, unemployment compensation and health care reform efforts. During her career, she has worked on several key pieces of legislation including the 2012 Workers Compensation Reforms, which passed unanimously and the 2013 Kansas Unemployment Insurance Compensation Reforms. Bright is licensed to practice law in state of Kansas and resides in Shawnee, Kan. with her husband Kevin and four children. 

Marlee Carpenter
Carpenter has fifteen years of experience lobbying state legislative issues in Kansas.  Carpenter has been successful in coalition building efforts, forming broad-based coalitions around significant issues at the statehouse. Carpenter also has experience running the second largest political action committee (PAC) in Kansas.

Carpenter graduated with a bachelor’s degree in history from Wichita State University and received her law degree from Washburn School of Law in 1999, with Deans Honors. After graduation, she took a government affairs position with the Kansas Chamber of Commerce working her way up to lead lobbyist. While with the Chamber, she worked on many significant pieces of legislation including the repeal of the property tax on business machinery and equipment, silica and asbestos legal reform and the phase-out of the state franchise tax.

Carpenter left the Chamber in May 2008 to begin work as a contract lobbyist with her business partner, Bright. She is active in many business and civic organizations in both the Topeka area as well as statewide. She resides in Topeka, Kan.  She is married to Thad Carpenter and has two children, Paige and Haley.

Additional Professional Resources

BCC from time to time relies on additional professional assistance to meet our clients’ needs.  While they are not principals of our firm, they are great partners committed to assisting us with providing our clients the best service. We have built the cost of the assistance to us into this proposal and felt it worth noting their expertise. Below is background information on those available to assist us to meet your needs. 

​         Amy Billquist provides administrative assistance by helping with daily association work including membership services, mailings, database upkeep as well as other tasks that may arise. She has a Master’s degree in business (MBA) and has managed a consulting business for 12 years after doing project management in private industry.