January 2019 Newsletter

"The Kansas House and Senate leadership have indicated that there will be a focus on issues that did not get passed during the 2018 Session. Passage of a tax bill will be a top priority."

Also in this issue, 2018 elections and seat party changes, and legislative advocacy 101

January 2018 Newsletter
"Other issues such as transportation funding, prison funding, Medicaid expansion, the disabled waiting list, workforce training and economic development programs need to be addressed during the 2018 Session. However, these issues have once again taken a back seat to the education debate despite the growing need for attention and an increase in funding."

Also in this issue, Brownback administration changes and 2018 elections.

January 2017 Newsletter
"Expectations are that the 2017 Session will be longer than the usual 90-day session, with at least 100 days already approved. In addition, more than one-third of the legislature is new, including several new committee chairs and new members. With so many new legislators facing some of the most complicated issues in years, there is uncertainty how the major issues of the session, such as budget cuts, tax reforms, school finance formula and Medicaid expansion, will be addressed." 
Also in this issue, 2017 legislative session issues, House & Senate Leadership, and KS Legislature 101. 

April 2016 Newsletter
"The Kansas Legislature has been on a month-long break since March 25 and will return to Topeka today, April 27, for the 2016 Veto Session. Due to this year's shortened legislative calendar, many conference committees ran out of time to meet and negotiate bills prior to the first adjournment. Several key issues still need resolution during the Veto Session, including the budget, school finance and taxes." 
Also in this issue, consensus revenue estimates, state budget, non-wage business income taxes and more. 

July 2015 Newsletter
"Two weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court decision that strikes down bans on same-gender marriage across the nation, Gov. Sam Brownback issued an Executive Order 15-05, "Preservation and Protection of Religious Freedom," prohibiting the state or its agencies from discriminating against or removing tax advantages from the clergy and charitable organizations that oppose same-gender marriages."
Also in this issue, new administration secretaries, interim committees, efficiency study and school finance ruling.

March 2015 Newsletter

"The Legislature has cleared its midpoint, and legislators are focusing on building the state budget for FY 2016 and FY 2017. FY 2016 will begin July 1 with a projected shortfall of nearly $600 million. One question that is left unanswered is how to handle the state’s future tax schedule and whether to heed the Governor’s call to eliminate the state’s school finance formula and give local districts block grants instead." 

Also in this issue, state highway funding, UI reform update, and immigration reform update. 

January 2015 Newsletter

"Governor Brownback was sworn in as Kansas’ 46th governor on Monday, beginning his second term. In the Inaugural Address, which was held in the House chamber due to the wind chills outside, the Governor focused on family values and social issues, while in the State of the State Address, he focused on his agenda for the 2015 Legislative Session." 

Also in this issue, issues to watch, budget outlook, and UI reforms coming. 

December 2014 Newsletter

"There has been both good news and bad news this month for the Kansas budget. Lawmakers will return in January to begin work crafting a two-year budget for FY 2016 & FY 2017, while also approving allotments the Governor has made to fund FY 2015." 

Also in this issue, Unemployment rates set to increase, school funding & student performance, 2011 WC reforms bring savings, and other issues for 2015 session. 

November 2014 Newsletter

"Following months and months of polls predicting close races and the challengers defeating the incumbents. But that’s not at all how it turned out—the Republicans swept all of the races and by a much larger margin than predicted. The Secretary of State’s Office offered an unofficial estimate that 864,109 people voted, which would be about 49.5% of the state’s registered voters. Let’s look back at the races and see what happened—Why were the polls wrong? How much money was spent on the races? And, where do we go from here?"

Also in this issue, Kansas opens a new business filing center, Kansas revenue update, changes in the House, and notice on your UI assessments.  

September 2014 Newsletter

"This election season in Kansas is turning out to be a national headline grabber. Many national politicos are tuning into watch whether Kansas really is as conservative as many may have thought and whether long-time national politicians will keep their seats or be beat by newcomers in politics.This article will give you a brief overview as to what you can watch for during this election season. What can you watch for during the elections?"

Also in this issue, S&P lowers bond rating, revenues remain steady, how to watch the polls, and important information for employers who hire. 

June 2014 Newsletter

"State revenues fell again in May, following the $93 million shortfall in April. Kansas’ tax-only revenues for May were$217 million below estimates, largely the effect of Kansas investors taking their capital gains in 2012 before federal tax rates rose. The monthly shortfall is the largest in years,and besides the month’s 35% drop below estimates, the May numbers brought the 11-month Fiscal Year to Date down a total of $309 million from last month’s estimates—a 5.9 % drop."

Also in this issue, school finance update, primary elections candidates, and business discussions on handguns. 

The BCC Newsletter takes you into the Statehouse and gives you an update on legislative and executive branch issues. 

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