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January 2020 Newsletter
With tax revenues exceeding estimates almost every month this fiscal year, expect to see some tension around how that excess money is spent. From expanding state government programs to providing tax cuts to their constituents, legislators are coming back with their ideas and proposals in hand.

January 2019 Newsletter

After eight years of a Republican-led administration, a change in Leadership is in Topeka. Coupled with a more conservative legislature, time will tell whether Gov. Kelly will look for areas of compromise or turns to Democrat priorities that may go largely ignored by the Legislature.

January 2018 Newsletter

The 2017 Legislative Session was very contentious but the 2018 Session is scheduled to be shorter than 2017, with only three days allocated for Vet Session in late April. Work on education will need to be complete before the legislature adjourns for First Adjournment just prior to Easter. This edition breaks down the issues facing legislators for the 2018 Session.

January, 2017 Newsletter
Expectations are that the 2017 Session will be longer than the usual 90-day session, with at least 100 days already approved. More than one-third of the legislature is new and will be facing some of the most complicated issues in years. This session kick off edition highlights some of the top issues being discussed.

April, 2016 Newsletter
Veto Session should be a bit shorter than 2015's record-breaker. This pre-Veto Session edition of the Bright & Carpenter Legislative Update includes a breakdown of all of the important items being discussed before the 2016 Legislature concludes business.

July, 2015 Newsletter

Summer break doesn't slow us down. Find out all of the important updates from the end of the 2015 Legislative Session in this summer edition of the Bright & Carpenter Legislative Update.

March, 2015 Newsletter

The 2015 Legislative Session hit its midway point, and legislators are working on the budget, revenue enhancements, and numerous other issues. Find out more in this edition of the Legislative Update. 

January, 2015 Newsletter

Governor Brownback is sworn into office and outlines his agenda for the 2015 Legislative Session. Find out more about the issues for the 2015 session in this edition of the Bright & Carpenter Legislative Update. 

December, 2014 Newsletter

What can we look for during the 2015 session? What is the outlook for the Kansas budget? All of these stories and more in the December issue of the BCC Legislative Update.